Hello, World.

Well, that is that.  I have finally joined the ranks of those who poke, tag, tweet, and Blog.  Why have I surfaced now despite so much reticence and general equivocation?  Because I have at last accepted that neither my distrust nor my distaste for these sorts of social-networking / personal broadcasting services are anything but futile and anachronistic.  Not that I really had a choice in this conclusion, what with the ubiquity of the likes of “Twitter”, and the verisimilitude now attached to “FaceBook relationships”.

So here I am… I will try to keep my begrudging and uncommitted tone out of future posts.  As well, I will try to minimize the glaring and rather humiliating fact that everything I do present is dust in an empty auditorium.

Alrighty, and with that out of the way, lets see where this all goes…!