Out to Lunch

I’ve been working on a more extensive writing project for the last few weeks.  In particular, I am developing a sci-fi Screenplay tentatively called, “Mindscape Awakening”.  For the time being, I will be dedicating any inspiration (and any free time) to developing that story, so this blog has gone a little quiet.  I will be back online shortly.

Pre-Story Synopsis:

Having abandoned a global stalemated war and a lifeless Earth some 50 years before, the survivors on board the U.W.U. Noah were seeking a new home. In 2384, long-range scanners detected a planet with an inhabitable atmosphere, and of comparable size to Earth.  Early investigation unveiled the planet had some unusual properties, in particular it had an anomalous non-constant electrical term in the Deterministic Quantum Mechanics wave collapse expansion, called the context function.  This meant that certain electrical conditions could cause the physics on the planet’s surface to shift and change, manifesting physical anomalies and physical instability through a so-called Adonis Field.  The planet was named Mayarius in reference to this, and was considered the last hope, and a god-send for all.

Six years later, as the planet came into closer view, they realized it was a massive desert.  Ocean, and desert… totally inhospitable to life.  Resources running extremely short and population dwindling, a new project was undertaken to cybernetically enhance humans to reduce their energy expenditure and nourishment requirements.  Unfortunately, the project was abandoned when the modified humans exhibited violence, personality swings, and ultimately terminal complications.  In 2392 an executive decision was made to seek out and re-unite with the other old countries that had left Earth.  It was a questionable move, since really the war had never been resolved, but it was decided that no other option existed at this point.  Everyone had to hope for amnesty.

As a desperate protest to this controversial decision, the ship was sabotaged and ultimately forced to crash-land on Mayarius.  Very soon after landing, it was discovered that the human brain had the electrical properties required to interfere with the Adonis field.  Within a year of living there, the human influence was obvious.  What had once been a vast barren landscape called the Ananta Waistland, was now large circular area of life pressing the Ananta boundry away.  This “Jaya Sphere” was spreading out from their center, creating trees, grass, and life.  It seemed that they had found a new home that could bend to their requirements.

However, within the first year, it was discovered that not only good things could come to be from the Adonis field.  Creatures called “Deimos” were starting to emerge, often at night, the result of peoples’ fears and dreams.  In one case, an entire village of nearly 100 was destroyed in a single night.  A cybernetics programs was reinstated, this time seeking to control emotions and dreams.  Unfortunately, the same few that had sabotaged the ship are also in control of the Human Upgrade program, and they have their own agenda.  They spend the next 23 years putting that agenda into play before our story begins.

It becomes a war of human verse cyborg, thoughts verse the Adonis, and freedom verse control.  An unexpected hero emerges from a hybrid race, and needs to restore a balance to this twisted world.  But what balance can be possible?  How can adversaries as dangerous as cybernetic humans, and as subtle as fear be overcome simultaneously?