How to regain access to your FiOS router

Forgot your FiOS router password?

I stumbled across this one recently, and figured I would share my results.  I forgot my password to my router, and had to change some settings — facing the prospect of a factory reset, I spent some time digging.

If you are locked out of your FiOS router, give this a try:

  • Navigate to your router:
  • Notice the query string varible: active_page=9091

Whoever designed the web interface on these things make a bunch of rookie mistakes, which we can leverage to gain access.

Change the URL slightly to tell the router to serve you a different page (ID 9090 in this case):

fios interface

The router now serves up it’s “login setup” page.  You are free to reset your password without ever providing your current one.  Major security hole? Yes.  Can this be done from outside? I haven’t tried it… But probably.

In any case, you now have your router back in your control!