Premature Ejaculation

d1/55,000 word

I wrote a chapter today that I really really love. Everything just came together… the dialogue, the setting, the sequence of events… it was a perfect culmination of try-fail cycles ending in sync, and all around the build up just sent me off the deep end uncovering excellent emotional connections between my characters, and blowing through barriers that I planned to break down eventually between the characters anyway.

Unfortunately, I have to rewrite it. The emotions between the characters are just a little too premature to be believable… it was close, but just 2 or 3 chapters early. This is a real pity because the chapter unexpectedly turned into a brilliant opportunity for the internal barriers of two characters to come down together and reveal some interesting things about them. I love it, but it is premature and has to go.

I’m going to numb it down, refocus the emotions, and hope another opportunity presents itself for this instead.

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