Genre Conformity

d1/71,000 words

I had a little genre scare today. Since I am a new writer, I do spend a lot of time on blogs and podcasts getting advice, and considering things (some of them obvious) that had nonetheless never occurred to me. I was gathering some opinions about drafts and cutting characters, and I ran across one article where the blogger insisted that it was a bad idea to have two POVs / protagonists unless you are writing in the romance genre. I am not.

I see why he is saying that, but I am thinking the key is to make sure this approach works for the story I am telling. It will, except for one thing… do I need to make one of the protagonists primary? In other words, who is my story really about? I don’t have an answer for that because I have not cast the story into those terms before. In my mind, it is a story about their combined voyage. Maybe that is a good enough answer, but maybe not — does that mean I am too plot focused rather than character focused? I think my draft 2 rewrite will need to address this.

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