Ready to Roll… Finally!

d1/80,540 words

I’ve finally come up with an ending, and the arcs that take me through the third and final part of my novel! I am pretty happy with the outline I have, although I do have some serious concerns about the timing and pace of the book (arcs completing too soon or too late), but that can be addressed later. There is also a lot of traveling that happens in the book basically between scenes, so I need to make sure that will be smooth. The last concern I am harboring relates to the size of my chapters… I am seeing people recommend 3K-4K words per, but I average probably 7K. If I need to divide these up it will really mess with my alternating POVs. Off the top of my head I feel like chapter 1 could be divided, chapter 4-5 is a little bland, and then I could use another chapter or two at the very end.

In any case, my next sit down will be to lay out more words to keep this moving forward. I am glad to finally know where I am going, and excited to get through this draft and the next. From there, things get a little up in the air, but I have some time before I need to worry about that.

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