d1/88,729 words”

I just wanted to post a little update, since I’ve covered a lot of ground in the last 10 days… 8K words to be specific. With the outline of part 3 in front of me, the action is pulling me through the writing at a good clip. I expect this to continue until the last 2 chapters, where I need to slow down and get creative again. Specifically, I know generally how and when the main antagonists are going to be defeated, but I do not know what the sequence needs to look like to make it satisfying. That will take some work.

Also, I went and made a few changes this week, that I intended to address in draft 2. My OCD got the best of me you might say. I went back and broke out my chapters so none were longer than 6K words. This brings my chapter length average to something like 3500, which is a good length. It forced me to abandon the strict alternating POV I was following before, but I really do not think that takes away from the story. In the cases of POVs I had to break up, there is more of a thriller-style hook at the end of the first part now, so it is okay to pull them forward to continue with the POV instead of making them wait through a possibly less interesting chapter to get there.

I also spent a little time doing some meta analysis, just to see how my word count was divided between POVs and parts, and I was a little surprised to see how well it was balanced out. Right now (with 6 chapters to go) Nick has 44,384 words in his POV chapters, and Evaya has 44,168 in hers. That is way closer than I expected. Part-by-part, I weigh in at about 37.5K, then 43K in part 2, which leaves me 39.K to conclude things (of which I have 8K written). I think with a little trimming in draft 2, I can get those to be nearly equal to make sure the 3-act pacing works.

I hope this rate continues, if so I’ll be done the draft in another week and a half. At that point I might be shopping around with my friends to see if I can get a workshop or writing group together, so that I can get a little early feedback to help me through the next steps of the revision process.

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