Draft 1 Done!!!

Holy shit.

d1/113,156 words

No seriously, holy shit. I feel like I just finished a marathon, then collapsed into a pool filled with bricks.

Draft 1 is DONE. It weighs in at 112,381 words (part 1 = 37,580, part 2 = 42,842, part 3 = 31,782). This divides between the point of view characters with Nick getting 59,058 (part 1 = 20,872, part 2 = 20,158, and part 3 = 18,028), and with Evaya getting 53,146 words (part 1 = 16,708, part 2 = 22,684, part 3 = 13,754).

I have a LOT of work and changes to do, but I am pretty pumped about it. I am genuinely excited, because I feel like some of this I should have done from the beginning (if I had known), and once I do it, things will be much tighter.

On another note, I sent a sample to Mark Lawrence to critique. WTF right? So I grabbed his book Price of Thorns on Audible a couple weeks ago, and just started getting into it. I found his blog from there, and it had a number of articles useful to an aspiring writer. Then I found one in particular where he actually was offering/challenging people to send in the first 500 words of their story, and he would give it a real line-by-line review. This is totally kick-ass, and I’m only about 2 weeks out from when he posted that. Anyway, I wrote him a sort of stupid email and sent in my sample. It is unlikely I’ll ever hear back, but hey it was worth a shot!

Anyway… draft 2 starts tomorrow… here we go!

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